Are you looking for motivation and inspiration in order to accomplish your goals?  I will motivate and inspire you as I describe my pathway to success.  In addition, you will walk away with insight about developing your pathway that will lead you to success, as well.

l have a very high value on being effective and efficient. I believe an individual must be inspired and motivated before they can motivate members of a team to achieve objectives. I have inspired and motivated individuals and teams to focus on what it takes to succeed. I would love to help inspire and motivate you and your team, as well.

I want you to “Achieve Your Objectives.” As an author, educator, speaker and military veteran, I served in leadership positions in Public Education, Business and the United States Air Force.

I am author of the books, “Building Instructional Capacity: 3 Key Strategies for Successful Student Learning” and “Cinquains: Volume I.”  In addition, I am co-author of a chapter in Research in Finance titled, “Managing Real Options in Not-for-Profit Organizations: The Case of Shell Space.”  Also, I wrote the article, Strategically Increase Your Network Using LinkedIn, that appears in OnSite.

I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Doctorate in Educational Administration, Webster University with a Master of Arts in Management, Southern Illinois University of Carbondale with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, and the Community College of the Air Force with an Associates of Applied Science in Avionics Systems Technology.

I enjoy sharing what helped me to achieve my success.  I am an avid reader.  I love to speak.  In my spare time, I enjoy a good game of Chess, exercise and attending my church services.

Achieve Your Objectives